Derby Icons has the distinct pleasure of promoting the top Demolition Derbies in the country. The competitors at these events are the true Demolition Derby Icons. They are the best of the best from around the nation, these are not your average fair participants. If you consider yourself to be one of the the true "Derby Icons" you may consider testing your building and driving skills against the top drivers in the nation. This website is dedicated to those drivers.

Spring Explosion 2018, 1302 N Coler Ave Urbana IL. April 27th 6pm and April 28th 4pm showtimes. Admission is $30/Adults $15/Kids under 10 $50/weekend pass. This all access passes, you may go anywhere on the grounds.

Registration is now all online. Camping, SE and MM!!

Icon's registration for all classes at SE18 and MM18. Sign up now before it fills

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